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Optima builds on safeguarding capabilities within OSHENS

1 Years ago


Optima creates news safeguarding capabilities




OPTIMA Diagnostics has now extended its Accident & Incident module to include safeguarding capabilities. OSHENS, Optima Diagnostics’ web based, health, safety, risk and compliance platform, now offers more stringent confidentiality restrictions for organisations who work with minors and vulnerable adults.


The extension of this module creates a more secure way to handle the personal details of vulnerable people. To ensure the highest level of confidentiality safeguarding only allows a pre-defined list of users to search for, view, edit and analyse incidents of a sensitive nature. This list does not necessarily include the systems’ Superusers meaning that organisations can carefully and confidently decide who manages incidents. Protection systems can be made more robust with the ability to record an individual’s role in the incident and differentiate as to whether it is a Concern, an Allegation or an Accident.  


Optima Diagnostics CEO Paul Blundell says, “For a number of our clients confidentiality is a significant issue. The ability to ensure that only the necessary people are informed, act and report on incidents is paramount in protecting children and vulnerable adults.”