Hazardous substances

Create and maintain an inventory of all hazardous materials and substances used on your premises with OSHENS hazardous substances safety software.

OSHENS can help you reduce risk and keep your workforce up-to-date with our hazardous substance safety management system. OSHENS makes managing a chemical inventory and hazardous substance tracking as stress-free as possible.

Accident & incident notification form

With this module you are able to create and store standardised substance records and where necessary support each record with individual data sheets. This allows you to keep all your approved substances need to know information (e.g. chemical type, suppliers, hazards, regulations and first aid measures) in one easily accessible library.

You can track actual usage of the substances at specific locations across your organisation, ensuring that chemical storage management is as easy as possible. You can even perform and manage your CoSHH assessments from within this module.