Workplace Incident Reporting Software

Encourage an improved culture of incident reporting throughout your organisation, with OSHENS’ simple and user friendly reports.

Create an organisational focus on identifying and preventing issues by learning from previously reported incidents. Workplace incident software consolidates all the need to know information in one convenient place, making it easy for you to understand the causes and effects of incidents. OSHENS supports rapid incident reporting through context sensitive questionnaire-styled forms and sophisticated validation to ensure that data is reported accurately. Whether you need to report environmental or safety related incidents, these forms can be configured to suit your organisational setting.

Accident & incident notification form


For organisations who work with, and need to safeguard, children and vulnerable adults, there is also the option to include OSHENS’ Safeguarding system. This software enables more stringent confidentiality restrictions, reducing the number of users who can search for, view, edit and analyse incidents of a sensitive nature. Limiting access to a pre-defined list of users helps to create a secure way to handle the personal details of vulnerable people and create a robust safeguarding system.

Emergency Alert System

Emergency alerting software can bring you piece of mind that everyone is aware and reacting correctly to the incident. Use this module to alert and keep key members of staff updated, via text message, with news as the situation unfolds. After the event has concluded it can be investigated (if appropriate) using the incident management module as normal.