Health & Safety Analysis Reporting Software

Report and analyse your health, safety and compliance data using OSHENS safety software.

Analysing and understanding your health, safety and compliance data is paramount to developing your organisation’s future strategy. OSHENS safety reporting software can be configured to suit your operational needs, enabling you to easily demonstrate progress towards health and safety KPIs. By using the flexible, adaptable system we offer, it's possible to enjoy efficient and useful analytics that will help you:

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Predict and eliminate workplace risk:

Minimising workplace risk is becoming an increasingly vital part of any organisation's good practice. High grade health and safety analysis facilitates exemplary working practices in all aspects of health and safety compliance, significantly reducing the risk of future incidents and accidents.

Ensure that appropriate prevention systems and procedures are all in place:

Our compliance reporting software simplifies tasks, enabling a wide range of different information to be recorded in a rapid, accurate and straight-forward manner. OSHENS safety software allows information to be easily shared, resulting in comprehensive, good quality data generation that forms an excellent basis for informed decision making.

Measuring progress, assessment and evaluation:

Advanced safety reporting software makes it possible to assemble a range of different reports, check lists and summaries that allow safety data to be disseminated to a variety of audiences. In many cases, using cutting-edge software not only ultimately leads to a reduction in accidents, near misses and identifiable hazards, it can also save a considerable amount of time and money, as one system can efficiently replace a host of piecemeal reporting mechanisms.