Service Overview

We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality service to our customers, as part of our hosting, implementation and support of OSHENS software.

Hosted Solution

OSHENS hosted solution is an ideal and cost effective way of alleviating the burdens associated with the installation and management of software on an internal network.

Software Implementation

We know that the implementation process is just as important as the quality of the software itself. The OSHENS implementation team can be relied upon to steer you through a high quality implementation process in a relatively short timescale. Our team has years of experience in managing and completing successful implementation projects with some of the World’s largest organisations.

A dedicated member of our Implementation Team will work with you to ensure a smooth setup by:

  • establishing specific configuration and set-up requirements
  • planning any interfacing needs (e.g. HR data imports)
  • managing data migration (from legacy systems) requirements
  • conducting detailed user training needs analysis exercises

The service doesn’t end after the setup, following a successful implementation you will be put in the capable hands of our Helpdesk Team. This team has been trained to guide and assist organisations with any day to day issues or problems encountered while using of OSHENS.

The help desk team are contactable via a 24/7/365 Online Helpdesk or by telephone Monday to Friday.


Our general philosophy to training is guided by the design of the software itself. OSHENS is user-friendly and intuitive, enabling users to pick it up easily.

For this reason we offer a “train the trainer” approach as our standard learning mechanism. Our team will train a key user group of up to 10 people and help them create a formal training plan to roll out the system to the rest of the user community. This training plan will be supported by a range of training materials to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Optima offers 3 different customer support packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each package delivers different levels of service depending on your needs. Each year you will have:

  • Silver a dedicated account manager, 1 on site review, 3 hours of data remapping and a basic training site.
  • Gold a dedicated account manager, 1 onsite review meeting, 1 review meeting at the Optima office, 6 hours of data remapping, a fully managed training site and quarterly HR/staff import services.
  • Platinum a dedicated project manager, 2 onsite review meetings, 2 review meetings at the Optima office, 12 hours of data remapping, a full training site and monthly HR/staff import services.

A list of additional services is also available from our service catalogue to supplement the standard packages in any way that you feel suitable.

Information Security

All customer information is protected at a number of levels with hardware and software controls as well as sophisticated data protection and data security policies and procedures.

Our Data Centre, Claranet, has a 24-hour manned, secure visitor reception area, responsible for verification of visitor ID, supported by 24/7 monitoring by comprehensive external CCTV surveillance and intruder detection alarms.

Our servers are protected by hardware firewalls from Juniper Networks. These are integrated ‘Deep Inspection’ firewalls for application-level attack protection. The servers also use state-of-the-art antivirus software that has a heuristic capability built into its standard detection.

All data transmitted between our servers and the users' web browsers is subject to the latest cryptographic protocols using Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS is an industry-standard method of passing sensitive information between computers over the Internet. It works by encrypting the transmitted data, so that anyone who obtains a copy cannot reproduce the original information.

Optima and Claranet are both ISO27001 accredited and are registered as data processors under the Data Protection Act.