Ease of Data Capture
OSHENS uses intelligent proven workflows that enable you to get all your workforce involved and engaged in recording and reporting issues. This in turn eases the time and administration burden faced by those responsible for collating health, safety and environmental data.

Comprehensive Management System Support
OSHENS is ideally suited to act as a management support system (back office) for organizations looking to achieve/maintain OHSAS 18001 accreditation and similar standards. It draws on the best practices of leading health and safety performing organisations.

Powerful Analytics and Report Distribution
OSHENS now integrates with one of the World's leading analytics and business intelligence solutions to offer you powerful, flexible and professional management reports and outputs. It also provides a report distribution engine to ensure effective communication of performance data to key personnel.

Modular Design
OSHENS modular design means that you can choose exactly the functionality you require according to both need and budget.

Configuration Flexibility
The software's built-in configuration flexibility enables us to align OSHENS closely to your existing processes during set-up.